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Following the success of Polygon Pets Chapter 1 and 2, we have great pleasure in introducing you all to the third chapter in the series.

If you’ve missed some of the earlier fun, including the opening two chapters, head over to our recap page here for a more thorough run through.

So, without further ado, here’s Chapter 3…


In the distance, Baiyun ran for his life. Thousands of shadowy creatures chased him, all writhing masses of eldritch flesh and blinking eyes. Their vicious claws nipped at Baiyun’s heels, and the cloud leopard scattered them with a blast of wind. Clouds gathered around him and carried him away, but there were too many to fight alone.

Fortunately, he would not be alone for much longer.

Faraway, Paarja and Kaali moved.

Shadow and lightning. Each as fast as the other. The two of them swept down from the sky in two flashes of monochrome, and in an instant, they reached the pursuit that Baiyun had spent days fighting alone.


Purple lightning split the ocean. A spout of seawater burst upwards as if a mountain had fallen into the sea. Shadowy tendrils lashed and sliced, cutting the air like a thousand blades. The dark creatures screeched and backed off, dozens of them shredded and incinerated by the combined might of storm and shadow.

Seawater fell like rain. Storm clouds gathered. Darkness thickened. And the horde of enemies that seemed impossibly huge before, now seemed so very small.

Baiyun stood stunned, blinking, as two silhouettes softly descended to stand atop the churning seas.

And where there was once one, there were now three.

“Not much changes, after all,” Paarja said, turning his head halfway to scowl at Baiyun. “You’re still getting into fights you can’t finish.”

Kaali smiled wistfully. “And here we are again, trying to get him out of it.”

Paarja scoffed, but the way he stood changed. He raised his head, squared his stance, and puffed his chest out towards the legion of foes surrounding them from all sides: It was the perfect image of an older brother trying to look dependable in front of his siblings.

Baiyun grinned widely as he stared at their backs.

“I missed you two,” he said, moving to stand in the middle of them. “I was scared I’d never see you again.”

Kaali knocked her shoulder into his. “With the kind trouble you cause? It’s hard to imagine.”

“Then… Thank you, for coming to bail me out again.”

A bolt of lightning crashed into the sea with another deafening boom. The horde of shadows flinched back. Paarja grinned as thunder boomed overhead. “Enough talking,” he said. “You have payback to deliver, little brother.”

Baiyun flexed his claws, and a rich, jade wind began to swirl around him. He roared towards the foes he had spent days running from as jade spears formed around him, the wind of Notus made solid. Baiyun laughed.

“Deliveries are what I’m best at!”


The spears flew like rain and struck like thunder. They pierced several dark creatures, puncturing limbs and tearing through heads, before exploding into a burst of gale wind. Eldritch flesh crumpled as the creatures roared, enraged, before charging towards the three of them.

They were met by lightning, wind, and shadow.

Paarja shredded a three-headed shadow creature with lightning-infused claws. The winds of Notus whirled around Baiyun like great hammers, crushing all that drew near. And Kaali danced between them as she teleported across the battlefield like a specter, bouncing from shadow to shadow and slashing their foes apart.

Each wound they took was enveloped by the wind of Notus and healed in seconds. Every foe that stood in their way saw themselves incinerated by purple lightning, and all those that dared to run were broken by huge, shadowy claws.

Together, they were unstoppable. A thousand foes meant nothing.

But every legion had its leader, and he was the strongest of them all.

A beak emerged from the open Rift. Sharp and hooked, its edges lined with needle teeth. Then a wretched, curling neck, surrounded by dark feathers. Two wings followed, each vast enough to split the clouds, with feathers that glinted like ten thousand knives.

It was a huge vulture, and it had murder glinting in its crimson eyes.

The vulture’s wings rose, then—


With a single snap of its wings, the Vulture shot out of the Rift. Water exploded in a wave behind it, displaced by the force of its wingbeat. It shot towards Baiyun.

Baiyun turned too late. Kaali screamed.


Talons. A flash of lightning. The two met, and in a deafening blast of electricity, Baiyun found himself blown away as Paarja blocked the vulture’s attack. Baiyun crashed into the water, sinking deep into the sea, as lightning thundered overhead.

He desperately swam up as Kaali’s shadows joined the fighting.

Above the water, Paarja fought for his life. A beak pecked at him and he dodged, barely, to the side. He countered with a blast of lightning. Abyssal feathers absorbed it like it was nothing.

Paarja charged his lightning into his fangs, his mouth glowing with waves of heat and plasma, as Kaali battered the vulture with floating, shadowy claws.

A wing swatted her away. Paarja leapt forward.

He tore into the vulture’s neck.

Its talons pierced his chest.

In the same moment, Baiyun broke through the water, and Kaali’s shadows whipped around to strike the vulture, blasting it away. A crash. The vulture slammed into the seawater, and Kaali pounded it down further with a huge wave of solid darkness. 

Paarja staggered away from their battle with torn, dark flesh in his mouth, melting in his fangs. A giant wound gaped open on his chest. Paarja staggered, then fell towards the sea. 

Baiyun rushed to him, his eyes wide, as he immediately channeled the wind of Notus into the wound.

It refused to heal.

Paarja growled as he pushed the panicking Baiyun away with a paw. “I’ll live,” he said, breathing hoarsely. “Its talons are poisoned with dark energy, but I can purge it. Face forward, little brother. Our enemy isn’t gone yet.”

The two of them looked towards Kaali, who floated over the water. She looked tired and pale, her power expended, as the vulture began to rise from the sea.

It flew up to face the three of them, grievously wounded.

And for the first time, their enemy spoke.

“You swallowed the Orb of Notus,” it said, its eyes on Baiyun. The voice that left its mouth was dry—like snapping twigs and scraping stones. It hissed at them. “Know now that you will be the first to die when the queen descends.”

Baiyun glared. “She won’t find me again.”

The vulture tilted its head at them, then smiled wickedly as a low, rumbling growl began to echo from the Rift. Two obsidian claws emerged and began to pull the Rift apart, forcing it open wider.

A single red eye, as vast as the moon in the sky, peered up at them all.

The vulture released a dry, scraping laugh.

“She already has.”


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