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The Latest on the Metaprints Social Hub Pass Sales, Starting July 5th with Crust

June 28th, 2022 – We have received a lot of questions from our community regarding our Social Hub Pass sale and its status. Thank you all for your patience and we are pleased to announce that the sales will commence July 5th at 12pm EST, starting with our Genesis INO partner, Crust!

Following amends to the technical roadmap for The Sandbox, there will be a slightly longer wait for truly private, gated experiences for Social Hub Pass holders. The ability to allow NFT-specific gating for experiences is on track for Q1 of 2023, and we know that’s a while away! 

For that reason, we’re making sure our Social Hub Pass holders get a whole lot more bang for their buck while they wait! 

Our first iteration of branded experiences, brought via The Sandbox’s Game Maker platform, will be open to explore for everyone. However, only Social Hub Pass holders will be able to win exclusive rewards from holding pass(es) and taking part in the games, in addition to receiving free, branded items airdropped to them!

New Utility: Token Rewards

Similar to alpha season pass, Social Hub Pass holders will have the opportunity to complete games and quests to rank in our leaderboard and earn enhanced rewards including $mSAND (Matic network), $BONDLY, and other partner tokens! That means Social Hub Pass holders can really immerse themselves in the Play-to-Earn revolution sweeping GameFi and the Metaverse space.

New Utility: Monthly Item Drops

Holders can now expect not only a 10% discount on branded asset sales and priority access to these sales, but enhanced rewards including no less than 3 free, airdropped branded items on Polygon in Q3 (when permitted) on Sandbox and Decentraland.

As we prepare our users to hang out in the Social Hubs, we have planned monthly wearables drops that the community can flaunt in the Hubs while we slowly release more experiences in different metaverses. 

The wearables, developed by the Metaprints team, will be dropped into your wallet as long as you hold a Social Hub pass. There will be something new every month for 3 months, ranging from wearables and weapons, to shields and vehicles. Because you deserve it!

These airdrops will commence after all sale phases have been completed and holders of all assets will also get legendary items. That good news also extends to holders of Genesis NFT(s) as they will receive a percentage of secondary sales as revenue in the months to come! 


Vote on the creative direction of assets being produced in The Sandbox for the brand(s) that you hold pass(es) for.

Eligibility to Purchase a Social Hub Pass

The following groups will be eligible for prioritized purchase rights:

  • Genesis NFT holders and those on the whitelist.
  • Buyers who hold either $100 worth of $BONDLY tokens OR $100 worth of the partner’s native token on our snapshot date. Note: Staked tokens do not count toward the $100 minimum.

How to Confirm if you are Whitelisted for the Crust Social Hub Pass Sale

Whitelist confirmation will be available soon! When it’s ready:

  1. Go to the whitelist confirmation page
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. If you are whitelisted, the sale details will appear on the page
  1. Go to:
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. The page will show if you have been whitelisted for the Crust Social Hub Pass and the sale details will be displayed on the page.

What Tokens can be Used to Purchase Social Hub Passes?

Since the prices of the passes are denominated in USD, please make sure you have enough $BONDLY or the partner project’s token that you plan on purchasing for. 

The price of the passes in both $BONDLY and our partner project’s native token will be pegged on the morning of the sale. Don’t forget to also leave enough balance to pay for gas!

What are the Sales Mechanics?

The first sale will take place on the Forj Launchpad on July 5th at 2pm UTC, starting with our Genesis INO partner, Crust. More Social Hub Pass sales will be announced on a weekly basis, so stay tuned!

*Note: The Social Hub Pass corresponding to the brand will only give you access to that brand’s Social Hub within The Sandbox and Decentraland (once available) —  1 pass for 1 project’s Social Hub. For example, owners of the Polygon Social Hub Pass will not be eligible to enter the Kylin branded experience, only the dedicated Polygon one.

Social Hub Passes will be limited, so be sure to continue following our social channels for the latest updates on the upcoming sales!

About Metaprints

Metaprints is the gateway for crypto projects to accelerate their presence in numerous metaverse ecosystems in one simple step. Backed by Animoca Brands, Metaprints has a unique network of the biggest metaverse projects in the space that allows them to facilitate the creation and curation of branded assets across multiple platforms through one partnership.
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