You, Me, & Web3: BojangleGuy

In our latest episode, host Tom McDermott is joined by BojangleGuy, a man with a clear plan and vision. BojangleGuy is a MeebitsDAO Steering Committee member, ApeCoin DAO contributor, and creator of the newly approved AIP-251, with a mission to optimise and improve the onboarding process of newcomers in the DAO. It’s another good one!

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You, Me, & Web3: Women of Web3 host Lauren Ingram

In the latest edition of You, Me, & Web3, we are joined by Women of Web3 Podcast host Lauren Ingram.

Listen below, as Lauren speaks about her community, why Web3 appeals to women, what impact they can have, and talks honestly about some of her concerns.

Lauren has recently been listed as one of the most influential women in crypto, and explains why creativity and sharing is so important.

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