AAA Web3 Game Space Nation Announced as First $APE Accelerator Project

AAA Web3 Game Space Nation Announced as First $APE Accelerator Project

Today $APE Accelerator and Forj announce the first project to launch on the $APE Launchpad, AAA Space-Themed MMORPG, Space Nation.

What is Space Nation?

Space Nation is not just any game, it’s the next frontier in Web3 gaming, blending the thrill of play-for-fun with the power of play-to-earn. It’s set to hook both Web2 gamers and Web3 warriors alike, creating an immersive universe that’s rich, dynamic, and built on the cutting-edge Web3 tech with an expansive universe where your gameplay could turn into real gains.

Space Nation Gameplay

Space Nation: The Stats

  • Incredible team from leading gaming brands including World of Warcraft, Diablo III, Battleship Empire, as well as Hollywood films including Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow
  • A hefty $50M invested from top-tier VC’s into making their game a leading AAA
  • Their OG NFT collection, Alpha Gate, sits at a 1.9ETH floor with a 30 day volume of $240K
  • Market cap at $9M with the floor price jumping 39% in the last 30 days
  • 300k+ Community

How it Will Work

Space Nation will be offering an EXCLUSIVE and utility-packed collection of 300 NFTs with exclusive perks — including a guaranteed airdrop of their Genesis PFP collection Prime Navigator!

Priced at 0.3ETH or $APE equivalent, the NFT utility will include:

– Airdrop of a ‘Prime Navigator’ Genesis PFP from Space Nation (0.4 ETH mint)
– Special feats of strength achievements
– Additional bonus for earning $OIK (can be tested in Closed Beta)
– Whitelist to T1/T2/T3 mining ship mint (worth $125 — $1155)

Additional Planned Utilities:

– Whitelist to a special NFT Crew of APE Aliens (all APE Alien Crews are of Epic Quality) at the game launch
– Whitelist of future APE featured NFTs in Space Nation Games.
– Access to in-game APE cosmetics (to be developed).
– Access to the Closed Beta (TBD)

And more…

The sale is proposed for later in March 2024

Meet The Founders

Jerome Wu is the legend who brought World of Warcraft to China, and Roland Emmerich is the mastermind director behind blockbuster hits like “Independence Day”. Together with Game Director Tony Tang, and CSO Marco Weber, they make up an incredible team of veterans in their respective industries.

$APE Holders Can Vote Now

Will you vote a big YES to bring Space Nation into our orbit, or a NO? Cast your vote, and you could be one of up to 100 lucky winners to snag some $APE from the proceeds of our next Launchpad sale. And don’t sweat it — YES votes and NO votes are both counted in the prize pool, keeping things 100% fair.

Ready to have your say? Cast your vote now.